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Lilin is a 25 year old aspiring doctor who spends most of her (free) time daydreaming.  She loves arts, music, coffee and animals.  She has a 4 year old Minpin/Chihuahua mix whom she loves the most.

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The Eye.

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I got a shiver when I saw this, it’s so beautiful

Amazing people.

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where’s my doggy?
lucky you, you get to sleep all day. while I’m sitting here, pretending to burn all my Brain cells.
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Im at this stage where I feel that all hope is lost. I’m on my second hour of my first day of Pharmacology review, and I already have this feeling of wanting to give up. Reading through my flashcards, handouts, PEARLS handout, there were many “WHAT IFS” that crossed my mind.
One of which is “What if I just take the board exam next year?”

I was the type of medical student who was always late for school, slept during/ skipped some of the lectures, and would only study half or even less the prescribed topics for the exams. I was a bit confident during medschool days, bc despite me being lax and everything, I still managed to pass.

But now, after 3 years of lectures, 1 year of clerkship, and 1 year of internship, I’m sitting here in front of my notes thinking, “I shouldve studied.” I’m now cramming a year’s worth of learning into 2 days. And 3 years worth in 15 days. Medicine is difficult as it is, but it’s even more RIDICULOUSLY difficult cramming everything.

I just had to let this one out.

watching over Phosphofruktokinase1
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last year March 30, on our lastday as hospital slaves. a few weeks short of #medschool graduation.
now, Im cramming at 21days before the physician licensure exam. #reminisce #girls

study time with ze closest medschool friend. a beginning hordeolum on my eight eye. #medschool #medboards #procrastinate (at Mr Park’s Bread & Cakes, Eton)

This has to be the best anime ever.

i tried again painting. i dont like it.
1. failed circle of willis
2. yucky gushy parrot colors around
3. the only thing i liked was the eyeball, which my friend honestly mistook for a nipple.

Finally! after 3 years of brain drain and 1 year of Slavery (and the plus other 4 years of pre-med craziness), I’m finally able to relax(?) and prepare myself for another 1 or 2 or 5 years more of slavery. yes. Med-school was fun, but for someone like me, who is rather “sort of mentally-challenged(??)” and uber lazy AND hates anything health related, med school was depressing. haha! But, it wasn’t all bad. I met some crazy people who helped me alot. And had the most awesomest time. It was the most depressing stage of my life, but so far the most awesome.

Now that I have less than a month of spare time, I’ll probably fix this nonsense of a blog so my remaining followers can finally appreciate it. :D

Happy 2nd birthday Sachi and Maki!!! #minpin #minipinscher #ミニピン #ifuckinglovemydog #dogstagram #nofilter #birthday (Taken with Instagram)

New sailor shirt and booties for my baby boy.. Happy 2nd birthday tomorrow!!! (Taken with Instagram)